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Violent Reaction to Grewal's Remarks

Photo courtesy Sanjh Savera

The Toronto Star, Jun. 16, 2003

"Like the shattered glass that surrounds the house, details of a home invasion in Caledon are available only in pieces. Police responded in force when a large group of people forced their way into a residence, causing damage to the property, hidden by trees off Highway 9 near Highway 50, about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Yesterday, a crew was boarding up the first-floor windows, all of which had been smashed. So had the rear window of a minivan. Patio planks had been ripped up and thrown into the house. A smashed chandelier dangled by a wire. Three Punjabi-speaking men waiting in the garage for the insurance company crew to finish confirmed the house was the home of Narinder Singh Grewal."
"Grewal has been under scrutiny by Toronto's Punjabi-language media because of allegations that he made disparaging remarks about the 10 Gurus and the Guru Granth Sahib, the prophets and the holy book, respectively, of the Sikh religion. Interest was running high in the community after editorials in several papers and a videotape transcription in Sanjh Savera, a Punjabi weekly. A packed meeting was held at 4 p.m. Saturday at Ontario Khalsa Darbar, on Dixie Rd. in Mississauga. It was resolved that Sikh lawyers would volunteer their services to go after Grewal 'with whatever charges we can lay against him for spreading hate and anger,' said Gurdish Singh Mangat, a meeting organizer."
"But in response to comments Grewal made on radio earlier Saturday - to the effect that he did not need and was above the Sikh holy book, considered by Sikhs to be a 'living Guru' - some religious elders decided to go to Grewal's home and take back his copy of the scriptures. It's not clear if Grewal was home, but the book was found. Mangat said that when he arrived, people were already leaving with the scriptures. Police reported that one man was treated for minor injuries. Though some people were taken away by police, it was unclear whether any charges were laid. Efforts to reach Grewal were unsuccessful."
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