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Violent Reaction to Grewal's Activities

Photo courtesy Sanjh Savera

The Toronto Star, Jun. 15, 2003

"Police responded in force to a report of a disturbance involving more than 100 people at a residence on Highway 9 near Bolton last night. Ontario Provincial Police said 10 police cars responded to the call at a residence on Highway 9, east of Highway 50, shortly after 7 p.m. Kenneth Goldman, assistant manager at a Tim Hortons shop located across the intersection from the residence, said several men parked their cars along both sides of Highway 9 and walked toward the residence, which is set back from the road among trees. Goldman said several police cars arrived shortly after. Officers ran toward the house with guns drawn, he said, while others closed the highway to traffic."
"Hours later, police were blocking access to the house and said detectives were inside. Several men and women, who were turned away by police after arriving at the home in the late evening, refused to comment. O.P.P. said one person was taken into custody, but would not confirm any charges or the identities of the homeowner and the arrested individual. Ambulances were sent to the scene, but police said no one was taken to hospital."
"Earlier in the day, a packed meeting was held at the Ontario Khalsa Darbar, a temple on Dixie Rd. in Mississauga, where people in the Sikh community were hoping to hear a man identified as Narinder Singh Grewal explain his controversial religious views. Local Punjabi media have been covering his story in recent weeks. Dr. Palwinder Singh of the Punjabi Tribune said he was at the meeting about 4 p.m., and said Grewal had not appeared. Singh said he had seen no signs of violence before he left the meeting. Singh said recent stories in the media have centred around a video that depicted Grewal with his followers."
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