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Writer Ajmer Singh Kidnapped by Punjab Police

Courtesy: E.N.S.A.A.F.

The Times of India, Chandigarh, Jan. 6, 2006

Photo: Daljit Singh Chicago

Ajmer Singh, author of Biswin Sadi Da Itihas [Sikh History of the 20th Century], was on Thursday night allegedly picked up by the Punjab Police from his house at [#1107] Sector 44B [Chandigarh].

Speaking from the U.S., Daljit Singh Sarao, a friend of Ajmer Singh, told T.O.I. that Ajmer Singh had been arrested by the Punjab Police and a few documents, books, and a bag were picked up by the police personnel, who had come to the house posing as Ajmer Singh's sympathisers.

The police team also picked up a few sponsorship papers of Ajmer Singh. The police team made inquiries from the family of Ajmer Singh about Sarao, the editor of Amritsar Times, brought out in English and Punjabi from the U.S.

The police team also demanded the passport of Ajmer Singh but his family members did not hand over his passport to the police.

The Chandigarh Police is unaware of Ajmer Singh's suspected arrest as the Sector 34 police station was not informed. The Punjab Police has also not confirmed the arrest.

The Punjab Police team was asking about Sarao who was two days back served a legal notice for $50 lakh [$5 million] damages for allegedly defaming Baba Daljit Singh Chicago.

The police team made a dramatic entry into the house of Ajmer Singh. A man who identified himself as from California came to his house carrying a packet of sweets and a greeting card.

The man made inquiries from Ajmer Singh to drive home a point that the man was a sympathiser of Ajmer Singh. But within minutes another four persons entered the house.

When Ajmer posed questions to the uninvited guests they revealed that they were from the Punjab Police. Daljit Singh Sarao suspected that there could be some link between the defamation notice and the arrest but there was no confirmation of the fact.

The police team spent an hour in the house of Ajmer Singh and took away the sponsorship of the mother of a well-known U.S.-settled lawyer Joginder Singh Khalsa.