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Daljit Singh Chicago to File Defamation Case


The Tribune, Amritsar, Nov. 22, 2005

Photo: Daljit Singh Chicago

Baba Daljit Singh Chicago is contemplating to file defamation cases against all those tabloids and newspapers, which had published news that he was caught from a motel in the U.S.A. with a woman.

Talking to T.N.S. from the U.S. yesterday, Baba Chicago said there were some 'forces' which were out to defame him due to his popularity in India and foreign countries, especially after the distribution of relief among victims of earthquake-hit areas.

However, Mr. Yadvinder Singh, president, American Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (A.G.P.C.), who is here these days, alleged that he had got 'first-hand information' from the U.S. that Baba Chicago was found in the company of a woman in a motel. Mr. Yadvinder Singh said Mr. Kulwant Singh Hundal, an executive member of the committee, had sent him a report from America that the matter had acquired a serious proportion. However, Baba Chicago alleged that Mr. Hundal had animosity against him and therefore he had started 'concocting' stories against him. He described the pictures, published in a tabloid as 'doctored' and added that he would get them verified through laboratories.

However, Mr. Prithipal Singh Sandhu, personal assistant to the jathedar [chief], Akal Takht, and Baba Sukha claimed that the it was nothing more than concocted story as Baba Chicago was busy at a religious function arranged at Gurdwara Gurjot Parkash these days.

A U.S.-based tabloid, The Panthic Weekly, reportedly carried a page one news today, alleging that: 'On the night of November 17 at 11:20 p.m., a member of the Chicago Sikh Sangat received a phone call that the van of Sant Baba Daljit Singh was at a local motel and he was in the company of a woman. Upon receiving this information, members of the sangat reached the motel location. After a long wait, the police finally managed to get the door opened and members of the sangat saw with their very own eyes Sant Daljit Singh with a woman.'