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Five Myths: Musings on the Sikh Condition

Five Myths: Musings on the Sikh Condition (New Delhi: Sanbun Publishers, 2006, pp. 56, Rs75.00, $5.00, I.S.B.N.: 81-89540-06-8)

A selection of essays by Puneet Singh Lamba

By N. Gerald Barrier
Professor Emeritus and Middlebush Chair in the Social Sciences (2000-2005)
University of Missouri-Columbia, U.S.A.

  • Permeating the Wall of Separation
  • Accountability, Impunity, and Governance in India: A Conference Report
  • The New York Times on Operation Blue Star
  • Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale: Five Myths
  • Vaisakhi 2005 in New England
  • In 2005, How Sikhdom Did Thrive: A Recap in Verse

    About the Author


    "Puneet Singh Lamba's book is written in an appealing, readable style, and is well documented. It does not hesitate to approach and explore many controversial issues. These essays are very successful in stimulating discussion and debate on a wide variety of topics that urgently need to be addressed by the Sikh community. Lamba obviously has much to say and certainly knows how to get his point across. He should have indeed written more - let us hope that in the future, he will!"
    -- Laurie Bolger, Book Review, March 25, 2006

    "My only disappointment with this provocative collection is that there are too few essays."
    -- N. Gerald Barrier, Foreword, September 1, 2005


    Hard copies of the book may be obtained from the author or from following sources:

    Sanbun Publishers (a subsidiary of Hemkunt Publishers)
    A-78 Naraina Industrial Area Phase I, New Delhi 110028, India
    Phone: +91 11 2579 5079 or +91 11 2579 2083 or +91 11 2579 0032
    Email: or

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