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In 2005, How Sikhdom Did Thrive: A Recap in Verse


The Sikh Times, Jan. 1, 2006

Photo: Jaswant Singh Khalra

Behzti, the play, was offensive to some
Violent protests made others glum

S.G.P.C. considered banning women in jeans
What's next? Banning dreams?

For same-sex marriage Vedanti refused to nod
Malhi anointed, 'Vedanti is next to God!'

Malik and Bagri were acquitted
The question remained, 'Who did it?'

Infiltrating Sikh organizations is easy as cake
M.K. Dhar's book did obvious this make

Na na vati's report finally did publish
But to Khushwant it was pure rubbish

Amarinder befriended Delhi, Pakistan, Toronto, home of the C.N. Tower
All places where the S.G.P.C. has no power

A golden palanquin was carried to Nankana
Lending a hand were Sarna and Sarna

Together they flirted with Khalistan
Thereby foiling the Akali plan

Jo Bole So Nihaal was harmless entertainment
Vedanti issued a supportive statement

But to the Babbar Khalsa opportunity had come knocking
They responded with cinema hall bombing

Pashaura moved to Riverside
His detractors failed to sway the tide

Damdami Taksal did grudgingly acknowledge
Of Bhindranwale's whereabouts they have no knowledge

Rabbi Shergill emerged as a Punjabi/Sufi/Indipop sensation
Bachchan, Naipaul are his fans; Springsteen his inspiration

Sikh women continued to hit temple bar
Deemed unfit for kirtan at the Amritsar darbar

Just as Fremont seemed to resolve its election woes
Springfield and Medford entered similar throes

Some of Khalra's killers were brought to book
Over a decade is all it took

The Supreme Court confirmed the charge
K.P.S. Gill molested Rupan Bajaj

Belgium followed France, banning religious symbols in schools
Sikhs were in a trance, having exhausted all diplomatic tools

When Katrina spared the Guru Granth
A miracle was declared by the Panth

Amrita Pritam, away she passed
Leaving us a treasure of writings unsurpassed

I.O.S.S. launched the International Sikh Confederation
'Does it represent us?' asked many with consternation

Avtar Singh Makkar took over the S.G.P.C.
And dropped the surname lest Jats feel queasy

Such was the year 2005
Packed with action, buzzing like a beehive