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Denver Post Banned From Fort Carson


Reuters, Denver, Dec. 9, 2004

Photo: Greg Moore, editor, The Denver Post.

The U.S. Army has denied The Denver Post access to Fort Carson in Colorado to protest what it called an unfair story about medical care for National Guard and Army Reserve members, the newspaper said on Thursday.

In a front-page article on Sunday entitled 'Soldiers in medical limbo,' the newspaper examined claims from National Guard members and reservists who said they were denied quality care and were being shoved out of the Army without disability pay.

In a letter to the newspaper, Lt. Col. David Johnson said the Army had temporarily suspended relations between Fort Carson and the newspaper as a 'direct result' of the medical story.

'There are many people upset and hurt over the article, about some inaccuracies and not having our side in the story,' Fort Carson spokeswoman Kim Tisor said.

She said the Army was discussing the issue with management at the newspaper, adding 'hopefully this will be resolved very soon' she said.

The Denver Post editor Greg Moore said the newspaper was singled out because the Army did not like the story, which other news organizations have also reported on.

Last week the newspaper obtained an injunction to stop a hearing that had been closed to the public for three Fort Carson soldiers charged with murdering an Iraqi general.

Last month, Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich ordered state workers not to talk with two Baltimore Sun writers because he said he found their work unfair to his administration.