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Gurbakash Singh Khalsa's Hunger Protest in Ambala

Jagpal Singh Tiwana is Director of Communications for the Maritime Sikh Society, Halifax, Canada.

The Sikh Times, Dec. 5, 2014

Photo: Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

Some Sikh Prisoners have been languishing in jails in India since the tragic days of 1984, though they have completed their sentence terms.

To draw attention of the Punjab and Central governments to this injustice to the Sikh prisoners and their families, Bhai Gurbakash Singh Khalsa has been on hunger strike at Ambala for the last 22 days. His health is deteriorating rapidly day by day.

Maritime Sikh Society, Halifax, Canada humbly appeals to the concerned government organisations to release the Sikh prisoners at the earliest and save the life of Bhai Gurbakash Singh Khalsa and enable a peaceful atmosphere in the Punjab.