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Tarlochan Singh Makes Historic Push for Sikh Rights


The Sikh Times, Nov. 30, 2008

Photo: Tarlochan Singh

The following are the contents of a recent email from Tarlochan Singh to Jagpal Singh Tiwana. It is worth noting that in Tarlochan Singh's estimation he is the only Sikh member of parliament to have moved both these proposals in the 58 years that India has been independent under its own Constitution.

Dear S. Tiwana Ji,

When I became a Member of Parliament I moved a Private Members Bill for an amendment of Section 25 of the Indian Constitution such that the Sikhs are treated as an independent religion. Under the present Constitution Sikhs are regarded as part of the Hindus. So this amendment is required for getting us independent status. My bill came before the House for discussion twice but due to disturbances in the House no proceeding could take place. Now I am waiting for the next opportunity.

Secondly, I moved another proposal such that a registration clause be added to the Anand Marriage Act of 1908. As present, Sikh marriages can be solemnized as per Sikh rites but the registration of Sikh marriages must occur under the Hindu Marriage Act. I succeeded in getting this proposal approved by the Parliamentary Committee for Law & Justice. The Law Minister has already announced in the House that the amendment Bill will be moved very soon. I am following this closely and am having frequent meetings on this topic with the Minister.

Tarlochan Singh, M.P.