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Oh, Calcutta: Three Reasons to Hate...Gandhi!


Maxim, Nov., 2000

1. He was a lousy husband. Gandhi may have loved all humanity, but in 1906 he stopped loving his wife, Kasturba. He denied her sex and once almost threw her out of the house in a fit of anger (presumably brought on by low blood sugar).

2. He was a rotten father. The mahatma expected his children to follow in his own saintly, emaciated footsteps, and he was so overbearing that his disgruntled eldest son, Harilal, denounced his father, converted to Islam, and eventually died a drunk.

3. He was a poor role model. His hunger strikes and trim physique created an unrealistic body image for peace activists to live up to. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, and other leaders battled Gandhi-inspired eating disorders all their lives.

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