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Mohan, A Turbaned Brahmin


The Times of India, Patiala, Oct. 30, 2006

Ironically, even as Sikhs are letting go of the turban, there are Hindu families taking to it. There are such families in almost every village, people who have clutched on to the turban through ages. Mohan Singh, a Brahmin in village Muradpur, is a typical case.

'We live with Sikhs and it has always been so entrenched in the culture that it is but natural for us to wear turbans,' he said, suggesting a need to be identified with the mainstream.

Many non-Sikh cadets who get posted to Sikh regiments are also known to have grown their beards and tuck their long hair under regimental turbans.

In contrast, several Sikh officers in armoured units trim their hair and beards, although they wear the turban as part of the uniform. Afterhours, in military parlance they are referred to as 'mechanised Sikhs.'