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U.S. Seeks to Undermine I.C.C.

Kenneth Roth is executive director of Human Rights Watch in New York. As of Jul. 16, 2003, 139 countries have signed the Rome Statute of the I.C.C. and 91 countries have ratified the treaty. China, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and India are among the countries that have neither signed nor ratified the treaty. The U.S., Syria, Russia, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Israel are among the countries that have signed but not ratified the treaty. For more information see

The International Herald Tribune, Sep. 30, 2002

"As the Bush administration is fully aware, a court [reference to the U.N.'s International Criminal Court] that exempts the world's superpower risks losing its legitimacy. Indeed, that is the goal of certain extremists in Washington who seek to exercise America's unprecedented military power without the inconvenient constraints of international law, or at least international law enforced by anyone other than the United States itself."