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1984 Sikh Massacres: Yet Another Panel for Victims


The Indian Express, New Delhi, Sep. 2, 2005

Photo: 1984 Sikh Massacres

The Delhi Minorities Commission (D.M.C.) has decided to set up a 15-member committee of lawyers and eminent citizens to help riot victims claim relief from the Centre. This decision comes in the wake of the Central Government's decision to provide help to 1984 victims. Commission Chairman, Prof. Abu Baker said the Minorities Commission would be headed by Advocate K.T.S. Tulsi, who fought the Uphaar case on behalf of the fire victims.

'We would provide free legal assistance to victims to fight their case in courts. Our motive is to help victims who are poor and ignorant,' says Baker. 'We will teach them to fill up forms and fight for themselves.' The facilitative committee would begin operations by organising camps in various Sikh settlement areas in Delhi. The first contact with victims would be at these camps, Baker said.

Many law students have opted to volunteer in the committee, he said. The commission is now planning to approach the Central and State governments and offer its services as a nodal agency for disbursement of relief to victims.