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Attention, Mr. Slaughter


Time, Aug. 19, 1946

Photo: Master Tara Singh

Party regularity is enforced one way in Russia, another way in the Fifth Congressional District of Missouri (see NATIONAL AFFAIRS), and still a third way in the Akali Party which represents India's tough, handsome, primping Sikhs. Last week Akali headquarters cracked down on four members who confessed supporting a Congress Party candidate in last July's elections. All four were ordered to sweep the floor of the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar. Then each got individual punishment:

Jathedar Sohan Singh: to wash dishes for a week in the communal kitchen; Jathedar Udham Singh and Ishar Singh Mujhail: to surrender a week's salary as delegates to the Punjab legislative assembly; Master Tara Singh: to stand in the middle of the Amritsar Temple for seven days reading the Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book, which has 29,480 rhymed homilies. Sample: 'At the throne of God, grace is obtained by two things: open confession and reparation for wrong. . . .'