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S.G.P.C. Approval Required for Producing Serials on Sikh History

Yet another example of the S.G.P.C.'s increasingly autocratic disposition.

The Times of India, Ludhiana (Punjab, India), Jul. 12, 2003

"Any private company or television serial producer will have to obtain prior written approval from the S.G.P.C. for producing serials on Sikh culture, religious principles or philosophy. Stating this after the executive committee meeting held at Guru Nanak Engineering College here, S.G.P.C. president K.S. Badungar clarified that the S.G.P.C. would have no objection to portrayal of the historically renowned Sikh military generals and jathedars. But the same would not be allowed in the case of the Gurus, Panj Piaras, and four sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh, he said. Badungar added that the S.G.P.C. too plans to commission such serials for the dissemination of Sikh religious tenets and thought. Badungar expressed the hope that S.G.P.C. general elections may be held in Jan. or Feb., 2004."
"A S.G.P.C. deputation has met Union home minister L.K. Advani on Jun. 13 in this connection, he said. On the retirement of S.G.P.C. employees at the age of 60, he said the decision was taken on the directions of the Sikh Gurdwara Judicial Commission. The meeting also approved the proposed expenditure to be incurred on re-establishing the Sikh reference library that suffered damage during Operation Bluestar. Badungar said the meeting authorised him to appoint five Sikh scholars and to constitute a 21-member board. Informing that the meeting also approved extending of special facilities to students pursuing their doctorate on Guru Granth Sahib studies, he said it would be the S.G.P.C.'s prerogative to select the topics."