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Sikh Assaulted by Robbers


North Jersey Media Group, North Arlington, Jul. 2, 2003

"Two armed men cut the power to a Schuyler Avenue drugstore, herded employees to the back of the store, and sliced off one worker's hair before making off with nearly $5,000 Monday night, police said. One of the men waited until the C.V.S. closed at 10 p.m. before approaching two employees as they rounded up shopping carts outside, said Police Capt. Louis Ghione. Meanwhile, another man cut the power lines to the store, he said. Armed with a handgun and a knife, the two robbers led the two workers into the store. The robbers then cornered a Sikh employee who was wearing a turban, pulled off the turban, and cut off part of the man's long hair while taunting him with slurs, Ghione said. Sikhs are forbidden by their religion to cut their hair, believing it is a gift from God. The man was also slashed on the hand while trying to fend off the attack, Ghione said."
"As the robbers emptied the day's receipts from the cash registers, an accomplice kept watch outside the store, Ghione said. Employees described him as white, with blond hair and wearing a white T-shirt. The man holding the handgun was described as black and about 5 feet 5 inches. He was wearing a dark sleeveless shirt and loose khaki pants and had cornrows in his hair, the employees told police. The second robber was described as black, about 5 feet 10 inches, and wearing a black mask and a black T-shirt with 'I love you' written in red across the front. Employees did not see which way the robbers fled, Ghione said. Anyone with information is asked to call (201) 955-5680. Amy Klein's e-mail address is"