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Kareena Kareena Distorts Sikhism


The Sikh Times, Boston, Jun. 26, 2005

Photo: Kareena Kareena

Today's episode of the Zee TV serial Kareena Kareena: Life Mein Twist Hai distorted Sikhism in more than one way.

The lead character, Kareena, played by Kulraj Kaur Randhawa, was shown praying to a picture of Guru Nanak much like Hindus pray to idols of Krishna or Rama. Flower offerings were shown lying in front of the picture.

The turbaned Sikh gentleman who plays Kareena's grandfather was shown consulting an astrologer regarding a suitable match for Kareena's marriage.

Sikhism's teachings, as contained in the Guru Granth, state unequivocally that God is 'nirankar' (formless) and therefore cannot be worshipped as an image (Guru Nanak, Guru Granth, p. 3).

Sikhism's tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, wrote, 'je hum ko parmesar ouchari hey, te sab narak kund mahi pari hey' (whosoever addresses me as God shall go to hell) (Vachitar Natak, canto/chapter 6, chaupai/verse 32, Dasam Granth, p. 57).