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Amarinder Out of Touch With Reality on Khalistan

Amarinder is quoted as fantasizing, "Our Sikh community there invited us to the Toronto's biggest Dixie Gurdwara. At the time such activities (Khalistan-related) were there but nothing is there now." Someone ought to bring the recent Globe and Mail news report to the chief minister's attention and get him to appreciate the futility of burying his head in the sand. On June 24, 2005, The Tribune reported that Amarinder Singh visited the gurdwara's "langar hall," in which case he could not have missed the pro-Khalistan imagery on the walls. The Dixie gurdwara clarified that Amarinder was facilitated not for his moderate views regarding Khalistan but "for the bold decision he had taken in annulling all water agreements."

A.N.I., New Delhi, May 30, 2005

Photo: Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh admits today that he had visited one time pro-Khalistan places in Canada, while returning from an official foreign tour.

There were many reports in the local media about his meeting with Khalistan sympathisers in Canada and visiting such places. Though Singh denied that any such activity is going on there now. 'Our Sikh community there invited us to Toronto's biggest Dixie Gurdwara. At the time such activities (Khalistan-related) were there but nothing is there now,' Capt. Singh said.

Singh was returning from an eight-day foreign tour to Canada and France to promote foreign investment in Punjab. Several other ministers and secretaries of state government accompanied him. The chief minister attended 23 meetings, which resulted in 'by-and-large successful visit.'

'Most of the investors are interested in the sectors like bio-tech, power, roads, textile and housing beside I.T.,' Capt. Singh said while briefing about his tour of Toronto and Vancouver. 'To felicitate foreign investors we have constituted a high power committee in my chairmanship which will look after all mega-projects of more than 100 crores of investment,' he added.

A high power delegation of 21 people will come from the two Canadian cities in October this year expectedly to see the opportunities of investment here, Singh said. Apart from the delegation many individuals who are interested in investing in Punjab are also approaching the state government, he added.

A show of small-scale industry 'Made in Punjab' was also organised at Toronto by N.G.O.s from Chandigarh, which was a countable success.