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Indian Attacked in N.Y.C.


South Asian Journalists Association, May 26, 2003

The following is from the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) blotter:
On Sunday, 05-25-03 (May 25, 2003), at approximately 2330 hrs, police responded to the vicinity of Crescent Street between 36th and 37th Avenues located within the confines of the 114 Pct. (police station no. 114 - in Queens). They were informed by a M/I/29 (male Indian of age 29) that he was approached by an unidentified group of approximately seven M/Ws (white males) and M/Hs (Hispanic males) who asked him what his race was. After answering them, the group physically assaulted him causing him to lose some teeth. No arrests. The victim was removed to E.G.H. and is in stable condition. Investigation is ongoing.