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Teenager Arrested for Washington Gurdwara Vandalism

By STAFF, Apr. 23, 2003

"A community outraged by the burglary and vandalism of a Sikh Temple in the Spokane Valley last weekend came together to repair the damage and provide information that led to the arrest of the 14-year-old suspect Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff's detectives arrested the teenaged suspect who lives not far from the temple after residents called the sheriff's office and reported similar graffiti throughout the neighborhood. Callers suggested deputies look at a teenager they identified as an on-going neighborhood problem. Detectives contacted the suspect at his home Tuesday afternoon. His parents were present and were termed 'very cooperative' by investigators. Subsequent interviews led to discovery of property stolen in the burglary in the suspect's possession. A religious leader at the temple positively identified the items as temple property. The suspect was booked on Second Degree Burglary charges Tuesday night. Investigators said they anticipate additional criminal charges may be filed later."
"Students and employees of a school located next to the temple at 1420 N. Barker Road helped temple members clean and repair burglary-related damage and graffiti after learning of the burglary through media accounts."