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Fashion Collection Features Sikh Symbols


The Indian Express, New Delhi, Apr. 22, 2005

Photo: Model wearing a turban with a khanda

On Friday, brothers Nikhil and Shantanu Mehra showed some familial solidarity with a collection that was actually inspired by their grandmom.

'She always tells us to go to the gurudwara. And this time we wanted to make a collection for the urban Sikh woman,' says Nikhil.

So there's a little bit of a militant quality (pleated pants and metallic fabrics) and a bit of tradition (subdued zari and a head-dress).

This dress has traditional (inspired by the nihangs) and contemporary (t-shirt sleeve) elements. They've also brought in religion again (last year, their muse was the crucifix).

That's because we're emotional people,' says Nikhil.

Price: Rs. 10,000.