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War on Iraq: The Grim Truth


The Toronto Sun, Mar. 28, 2003

"American and British losses of men and materiel are almost certainly higher than those being reported by the Pentagon or tame U.S. media. Pentagon policy, developed in the ongoing guerrilla war in Afghanistan, is to understate losses and/or ascribe them to accidents, 'hard landings,' or missing in action. The U.S. is reportedly rushing in two or three more heavy divisions from its central reserve. This will mean 50% of the U.S. Army, and all its best divisions, are in Mesopotamia at a time when North Korea is threatening war. . . . After 10 days of combat, the American-British invasion forces have not captured a single city. It took coalition forces more than a week to subdue Umm Qasr, a tiny port of 4,000 people. . . . Whatever the military imbalance, many Iraqis appear determined to keep fighting and wage a guerrilla war once their nation is completely occupied."