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Elderly Sikh Dies of Multiple Injuries


Sunday Mail, Mar. 10, 2003

"An elderly Sikh man died after suffering multiple injuries, police have revealed. Inder Dass, 80, was found dead at his home by his family last Sunday. A post-mortem revealed a number of different injuries and police have not ruled out a racial attack. They are also being helped by family members to determine if anything had been taken from his home."
"Mr. Dass had lived in Govanhill, Glasgow, for about 20 years. He was last seen alive in Allison Street shortly after midday last Sunday. But when family members called at his home in Langside Road that evening, they found him dead. Mr. Dass, originally from Punjab, India, was 5ft 6in, slim and had a beard and moustache. When last seen, he was alone and wearing an orange turban, casual jacket and trousers. He spoke very loudly as he was almost deaf and he walked with a stick. Detectives are anxious to hear from anyone who saw him between noon and 7 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 2, or who has any other information. Detective Chief Inspector Willie Johnston said: 'The family are very upset and I would appeal to the public to offer any assistance they can. His death is a real mystery at the moment.' "