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Gurdwara Involved in Alleged Illegal Immigration Scam

By STAFF, Mar. 7, 2005

An investigation has been launched into allegations that a Sikh temple in Walsall [Gurdwara Nanaksar, 4 Wellington Street, Pleck, Walsall, West Midlands, U.K.] was being used in an illegal immigration scam.

A number of men are now being questioned by immigration officials.

It is alleged that men, some posing as Sikh priests to get into the U.K., were actually working for a construction firm.

The claims follow a national newspaper report that included the Nanaksar Temple, in Wellington Road, Pleck.

False papers saying men were coming into Britain as priests were at the centre of the scam.

Head priest at the temple Karnail Singh said he was upset at how the Sikh religion was being used.

He said: 'It's happening at temples all over the country, including my own, and it's a huge racket.'

He said a full internal investigation would also be carried out.