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Golden Temple Renamed Harimandar Sahib

The Sikh Times has consistently used the name 'Darbar Sahib' and intends to continue to do so.

P.T.I., Amritsar, Mar. 3, 2005

Photo: Darbar Sahib, Amritsar

The Sikhs' holiest shrine here will henceforth be referred to not as the popular description Golden Temple but as Harimandar Sahib.

'Golden Temple is a British name and will no more be acceptable to S.G.P.C.,' S.G.P.C. chief Bibi Jagir Kaur told P.T.I. over phone from Alwar [Rajasthan].

She said the S.G.P.C. was issuing circulars and letters to all historic Sikh organisations and gurdwaras across the world to use Harimandar Sahib instead of Golden Temple.

Kaur said in future all printing material, letterheads of S.G.P.C., the words 'Golden Temple' would strictly be omitted.

The U.N.E.S.C.O., which is empowered to grant heritage status to any particular place in any country, has also been informed regarding the introduction of the Harimandar Sahib name, Kaur said.

'Several Sikh intellectuals and think-tanks had urged the S.G.P.C. to stop the practice to calling the holy place as Golden Temple as it was the thought of the British rulers,' she said adding 'it's never late to amend.'

The S.G.P.C. chief said all international airlines, tour and travel operators have been asked to follow the latest practice ordered by S.G.P.C. to call the holiest Sikh Shrine as Harimandar Sahib.