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Sikh Group Suggests Use of "Arya" for Indian Nationality


The Tribune, Amritsar, Feb. 15, 2003

"Sikh scholars in a letter to R.S.S. chief K.C. Sudershan has suggested that the word Arya should be used to define the symbol of nationality as opposed to the word 'Hindu.' Prof. Suba Singh, Prof. Prem Singh, president and general secretary of the Sikh Scholars Forum respectively, Mr. Satnam Singh, advocate, Dr. Gurbachan Singh Bachan former secretary S.G.P.C., Dr. Gurmek Singh of Punjabi University, Patiala, and Dr. Jagdeep Singh of the Department of Punjabi, Khalsa College, here in a joint statement said the word 'Hindu' was not found in any Indian scripture, including Amal Kosh, the great Sanskrit shabad kosh [word dictionary]. They challenged Mr. Sudershan to have a discussion on these observations in the media or personally."