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U.K., Canada Extend Support in Bhullar Case

By STAFF, Leicester, U.K., Feb. 13, 2003

"Khalsa Human Rights, a Leicester-based Sikh human rights group, has invited religious representatives from the major faiths for special prayers and remembrance of victims of human rights abuse. The special prayers and remembrance will take place at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, 9 Holy Bones, Leicester on Sunday Feb. 16, 2003. . . . The primary objective of the event is to highlight the use of the death penalty and the case of Devinderpal Singh [Bhullar], an innocent Sikh who faces execution in India. Following the Supreme Court of India decision in Dec. 2002, intense political and diplomatic lobbying has been a part of the international campaign for justice for Devinderpal Singh. A series of protests, commencing in the U.K. on Jan. 14 outside the German Embassy and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, have resonated with similar protests across Europe, North America, Australia and in India itself."
"On the day of the UK protest, Health Minister Alan Milburn M.P. forwarded a letter from representatives of the British Sikh community to the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw. The Foreign Secretary has now responded by confirming the U.K. Government's opposition to the use of the death penalty and support for plans of the European Union (E.U.) to approach the Government of India to express concern about Devinderpal Singh's case and his treatment while in custody. Last week, Devinderpal Singh's wife, a Canadian citizen, secured the support of the Canadian prime minister and well over 100 Canadian M.P.s who agreed to petition the Indian Government. This week, Mrs. Singh has been on a tour of Europe to gain political support for the international campaign for justice for her husband and plans to be present for the special prayers and remembrance that will be taking place in Leicester on Sunday."