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A Critique of U.S. Policy on Iraq

Carl Martin is a graduate student studying English.

The Tufts Daily, Feb. 5, 2003

I oppose potential abuse of power in whatever form in the country of which I am a citizen, especially when that country prides itself on being the model democracy. Specifically, it is my civic responsibility to criticize and actively resist the actions of a U.S. administration that has ignored the will of millions here and around the world, misrepresented the facts of the matter of Iraq, and replaced one pretext for another in its justification for such a war - especially a costly and risky adventure like this one. A war on Iraq threatens not only thousands of innocent people like us, but at this time of economic hardship, it takes from the neediest to do it.

Furthermore, it crystallizes in the minds of too many people around the world the worst image of the U.S., the U.S. that puts its own interests before all others without compromise or negotiation, and backs it with military might. The threat to the nation resides here. And until the U.S. can deal with its own huge inequalities and abuses, I do not trust it to administer help to anyone else.