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Nanaksar Sikh Sect Leader Accused of Various Transgressions

Excerpts of an e-mail dated March 16, 2003 received from 'I have first hand knowledge of this "sect leader" and have heard him speak [many] times and I must say that to post such outright lies about him is an outrage. . . . I am tempted to bring Nanaksar's lawyers' attention to your [Web site] article for legal action to be undertaken against you and your site. . . . The bottom line about this "controversy" is this: Baba Mihan Singh Ji's sons and grandsons desperately want to gain power, both spiritual and financial, in these well-to-do gurdwaras and in order to do this they need to somehow remove Baba Mihan Singh Ji's designated successor. The legal actions and slander which have taken place to date have been instigated by these relations. The sangat until now has taken the high road and [has] rationally pleaded with the "family" of Baba Mihan Singh Ji to remain united with the sangat . . .'

The Sikh Times, Jan. 30, 2003

The following allegations were recently posted on an Internet discussion group by a person who wished to remain anonymous. The allegations refer to Harnek Singh Grewal of the Baba Buddha Ji Nanaksar Gurdwara Gursikh Temple which has two locations as follows:

  • 224-226 Foleshill Road, Coventry, U.K. CV1 4HW

  • 18691 Westminster Highway, Richmond, B.C., Canada [Phone: (604) 270-7369]

    It is with great regret that I must speak out on the activities of the Nanaksar Coventry sect. Their baba [spiritual leader] whom they call 'Maharaj Ji' must answer to the following charges from the sangat [religious community]:

    1. At the age of 67 he has recently been enjoying the sexual company of a 22 year old girl who has recently had his baby.

    2. He has not married this girl according to any custom (let alone according to Sikh custom).

    3. She is a brahmin [upper caste] Hindu who does not believe in Sikhism.

    4. He is currently facing charges in Canada of misusing the money collected from the sangat. He has built a huge mansion there and is planning another in Coventry [U.K.].

    5. He has been tried and charged with drunk driving offences. Documents with evidence are available from the Alberta court (in Edmonton [Canada]). Certain individuals from the sangat in Coventry are also in possession of copies of the evidence.

    6. He does not believe in amrit [Sikh baptization].

    7. He regularly travels and stays at hotels and uses the sangat's money to finance these trips.

    8. He has regulalry been seen, filmed, and photographed in boxer shorts and with his hair down at beaches in Canada.

    9. He has promoted promiscuity amongst his children-followers.

    10. He believes Osho Rajnish [the late Hindu cult leader who was extremely popular in the U.S.] to be a prophet greater than Guru Nanak [Sikhism's founder].

    11. His system of philosophy consists solely of Osho's teachings.

    12. He believes that sex can take a person to God faster than nitnem [Sikhism's daily regiment of prayers].

    13. He has totally floundered every single teaching of his predecessor who believed only in the Guru Granth [also known as 'Adi Granth'] and only preached nitnem and amrit.

    The sangat is requested to petition the gurdwaras on Foleshill Road and New westminster Highway in Vancouver and ask for this imposter to be removed.

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    Harnek Singh Grewal v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, F.C.A., Doc. No. A-42-80, May 7, 1980 (An immigration inadmissibility hearing is not terminated by the effect of a subject of a security deposit or guarantee departing and seeking to re-enter Canada.)