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Sikh Core Group Opposes N.C.E.R.T. References


The Tribune, Chandigarh, Jan. 16, 2003

The N.C.E.R.T. syllabus book Medieval India prescribed for class XI mentions that Guru Nanak 'renounced' the world contrary to Sikh philosophy and Guru Gobind Singh is described as 'a devotee of Goddess Chandi' despite the faith accepting no 'avtar' between God and humanity.

These facts were brought to light by the Sikh Core Group member, Dr. M.S. Rahi, before the group in a meeting held here yesterday.

Dr. Rahi said, on page 175 of the book on the Sikh revolt against the Mughals there was a reference that says, 'The fact that these were all non-Islamic communities naturally raises the question whether these can be described as Hindu resistance movements.'

He said the implication that all the non-Islamic communities were Hindus was an anti-thesis of independent Sikh identity.

He said the mention of renunciation about Guru Nanak on page 125 was alien to Sikh theological thought. Dr. Rahi said the reference to Guru Gobind Singh on page 178 also goes against Sikhism which does not accept any intermediary between God and man.

Members of the group urged the S.G.P.C. president to take up the matter of distortion of Sikh history and doctrine and take a lead in countering the recurring attempts allegedly being engineered through N.C.E.R.T. books to subvert the fundamental teachings of Sikhism.

The group asked the S.G.P.C. to constitute a standing committee of scholars to monitor publications for ensuring authentic output.

It recommended that the committee should screen all textbooks prescribed in educational institutions and elsewhere and suggest rectification, if any.

The group has also sought a statement from the S.G.P.C. president against the distortion of history. The group supported the Punjab government for filing a petition in the Supreme Court on the issues recommended by the group.

Appreciating efforts of the Akal Takht Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti for the publication of the Nanakshahi calendar, it urged Jathedar Vedanti to introduce the calendar soon.