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McGill University Continues Tradition, Offers Undergraduate Course on Sikhism

Dr. Manjit Singh is Course Instructor at McGill University and Director, Canadian Sikh Council (C.S.C.), Montreal. On hearing the news, (Bhai) Dr. Harbans Lal wrote (Sikh-Diaspora, Yahoo! Groups, Jan. 14, 2003), "We congratulate Dr. Manjit Singh for preparing, teaching and administering this course on Sikhism. Thanks are also due to the vision of Sikh philanthropist, Sardar Baljit Singh Chadha of Montreal, whose generous grant made this course possible."

Sikh-Diaspora (Yahoo! Groups), Jan. 14, 2003

In the summer of 2001, the Canadian Sikh Council (C.S.C.) entered into an agreement to sponsor the teaching of an introductory course on Sikhism at the Faculty of Religious Studies [McGill University, Montreal]. Introduction to Sikhism (Relg. 254) is a three credit course open to all undergraduate students. The first class commenced in January 2002 with 21 students. Sixty five percent of the students who took the course were non-Sikhs. I am happy to report that things are looking very promising for this year's class which started on Jan. 7, 2003. There were 35 students in the class last Thursday. This represents a greater than sixty percent increase in registration. Non-Sikhs constitute around seventy percent of the class. I would also like to share the news that C.S.C. is actively engaged in discussions with a couple of Canadian universities for lanching a similar course. We hope to have a decision some time this year.