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Recommended Listening

The following is a list of highly recommended listening listed in no particular order. Music styles include kirtan (Sikh devotional), bhangra (Punjabi folk), rock, blues, jazz, ghazal, and more.

Euphoric Abida, Remixed By DJ Whosane, 2006
Delicious Abida Parveen numbers, exquisitely remixed by DJ Whosane.

Songs of the Mystics, By Abida Parveen, 2000
A brilliant sampling of Abida Parveen, one of the leading practitioners of the devotional Sufi style of music. This double album is all the more special for the experimental or spontaneous flavor that is best evidenced in a live performance (exquisitely recorded in the UK in 1989). A mix of fresh material and familiar standards such as Ham Ko Yaan Dar Dar Phiraaya Yaar Ne, Mast Qalandar, and Tere Ishq Nachaaya. Over two full hours of pure ecstacy.

The Rough Guide to Bhangra, By Various, 2000
A top drawer selection of classics from the flourishing U.K. bhangra music scene based on adaptations of the traditional Punjabi folk music style mixed with house, disco, hip-hop, swing, reggae, drum'n'bass, and garage influences. Features Bally Sagoo, Malkit Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Panjabi M.C. and many others.

Rabbi, By RABBI SHERGILL, Phat Phish Records, 2005
A fresh new voice on the Punjabi/Sufi/Indipop scene with hits like "Bulla Ki Jaana" and "Tere Bin."

The Greatest Hits, By THE SABRI BROTHERS, Shanachie 64090, May 20, 1997
You will be hardpressed to find a more raw and electric performance of the Sufi art of Qawwali, a devotional form of music rooted in Islam and an influence on Sikhism. (Raw, in this context, implies less production, more natural and unadulterated.)

Dya Singh-Along, By DYA SINGH, 2003
A unique presentation by Sikhism's de facto ambassador to the world. This release features Dya Singh's daughters more prominently than past works. Emblematic hymns from the Sikh scriptures have been rendered in the original Punjabi language set to catchy Western tunes. The highlight is the Gurmukhi Punjabi Alphabet (Painti/ThirtyFive) song.

Different Strokes, By JAGJIT SINGH, 2001
This is the preferred album for those interested in acquainting themselves with the high standards of classical training Jagjit Singh underwent enroute to his current megastardom.

Azadi, By JUNOON, July, 2000
"Junoon -- named Asia's bestselling band by the British Broadcasting Corporation [B.B.C.] -- is a remarkable group to emerge from a conservative, Islamic society like Pakistan's. Junoon has boldly raised issues like peace with India, corruption within Pakistan, the politics of Kashmir, and talked candidly about H.I.V.-A.I.D.S. They are popular on both sides of the border." -- Salil Tripathi, The Asian Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2003, p. 9.

Live at Filmore East, By ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, 1971
"#49 greatest album of all time." -- Rolling Stone, 2003.

Innervisions, By STEVIE WONDER, 1973
"#23 greatest album of all time." -- Rolling Stone, 2003.

What's Going On, By MARVIN GAYE, 1971
"#6 greatest album of all time." -- Rolling Stone, 2003. The title, in what is essentially a protest album, refers to the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Live at the Apollo 1962, By JAMES BROWN, 1963
"#24 greatest album of all time." -- Rolling Stone, 2003.