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Media Watch

This page is aimed at logging brief notes on media coverage of Sikh affairs, both positive and negative. Items included on this page will typically be those which ought to be noted but do not require detailed coverage. Special emphasis will be paid to positive coverage that includes images of turbaned Sikhs. It is believed that such coverage helps to offset the negative stereotyping of turbaned Sikhs resulting from the continuous broadcasts of images of turbaned Al Qaeda leaders on mainstream television.

C.I.O. Magazine
Opinder Bawa is the subject of Meridith Levinson's "On The Move" column entitled "How to Move to a New Industry" in the October 2006 issue.

Technology Review (An M.I.T. Enterprise)
The September/October 2006 issue features Sumeet Singh of Cisco on its 2006 Young Innovators Under 35 list.