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Anand Patwardhan's Films


South Asian Journalists Association, N.Y.C., Jun. 26 to Jul. 2, 2003

"First Run/Icarus Films is proud to present the films of Anand Patwardhan, India's leading documentary filmmaker, at Anthology Film Archives in New York, N.Y. from Jun. 26-Jul. 2. Anand Patwardhan is an award-winning filmmaker who has been making political documentaries for three decades, relentlessly pursuing diverse and controversial issues that are at the crux of social and political life in India. Beginning on Jun. 26, several of Patwardhan's films will be shown, including a week-long run of his latest acclaimed epic feature, War and Peace. Patwardhan's films are part of the First Run/Icarus Films."
"Retrospective: Jun. 26-Jul. 24; Venue: Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue at Second Street, New York, N.Y.); Tickets: $8 general admission; For information: 212.505.5181 x4;"
"War and Peace (Jun. 26-Jul. 2, 8:15 p.m.) - Filmed over 3 years in India, Pakistan, Japan and the U.S., Anand Patwardhan's War and Peace is an epic journey of peace activism in the face of religious fanaticism, militarism and war. It examines the militarization of India and Pakistan, and analyzes the human cost that is extracted from its citizens in the name of 'National Security.' "
"In the Name of God (Sat., Jun. 28, 6:15 p.m.) - Follows the violent campaign waged by the militant (now ruling) Vishwa Hindu Parishad (V.H.P.) to destroy the 16th century Ayodhya mosque, and the motivations that ultimately lead to the drastic actions of the Hindu militants, as well as the efforts of secular Indians to combat the religious intolerance and hatred that has seized India in the name of God."
"Father, Son, and Holy War (Sun., Jun. 29, 6:00 p.m.) - Minorities are scapegoats of every calamity as nations subdivide into religious and ethnic zones, each seemingly eager to annihilate the others, or to extinguish itself on the altar of martyrdom. Does the root of India's recent bloodshed - perhaps all bloodshed - lie in male insecurity, itself an inevitable product of the very construction of 'manhood?' "
"Get the complete lineup and full schedule at; 212.505.5181 x4. Find out more about Anand Patwardhan and First Run/Icarus Films at"
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