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Voices of Dissent: A Concert to Benefit United for Justice with Peace


The Boston Phoenix, Jun. 6, 2003

"The war in Iraq may be over, but in its aftermath, the grassroots political coalitions it engendered are staying vigilant - the war on terrorism overseas, and the 'homeland security' campaign here, seem just as worthy of protest. Local rock scribe/musician/activist David Wildman is the nexus of one branch here in Boston, and he's staging his most high-profile event later this month with 'Voices of Dissent: A Concert To Benefit United for Justice with Peace,' which has an all-star local-pop line-up - Kay Hanley, Bill Janovitz, Thalia Zedek, the avant-folk duo Damon & Naomi, and roots-rocker Jake Brennan, to name a few [others include: Dave Herlihy, Pete Cassani, Evan Greer, and Michelle Courtney Berry] - plus a lecture by Howard Zinn. [Plus, speeches by Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner and Brian Corr of U.J.P.]"
"The show's at the Middle East [Downtairs], 480 [472-480] Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Sunday, Jun. 22 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 [$15]; call 617.864.EAST [or contact David Wildman by phone at 781.396.4294 or by e-mail at]"