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Recommended Reading

The Sikh Times Top Ten - Business
  1. SHAPO, Helene, Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success, 2nd Edition; (New York: Foundation Press); 2002; 208 pages
    A nifty introduction to the key concepts covered in law school.
  2. KANSAS, Dave, The Wall Street Journal Complete Money & Investing Guidebook, (Three Rivers Press); 2005; 221 pages
    As often happens, the marketing title does not accurately reflect the author's purpose in writing the book. As a brief introduction to Wall Street terminology, history, and trivia, this book is an absolute gem. It is not, however, a "complete guidebook" to "money & investing." The book does offer excellent layman overviews on "money & investing" topics including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, real-estate, and retirement investing. The coverage is as "complete" as can be expected from a 200-page book. The author's emphasis is in clarifying concepts at the operational level rather than getting lost in the mathematical details. True to the spirit of a "guidebook," there are sections on "online resources" and "suggesting reading" at the end of each chapter. However, even the "suggested reading" does not go deep enough. So, when you're ready to dig deeper, you would be well advised to pick up a college text on corporate finance (see below).
  3. SILBIGER, Steven, The Ten-Day MBA, 3rd Edition; (Collins); 2005; 420 pages
    A superb overview of the world of business. All of the major branches of business are covered including accounting, strategy, marketing, finance, economics, ethics, operations, and organizational behavior. All of the key concepts are touched upon.
  4. MALKIEL, Burton G., A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 8th Edition; (Norton); 2003; 456 pages
    A brilliant introduction to financial markets and an entertaining survey of the various investment theories and methodologies, both past and present. However, counter to the author's claim, familiarity with finance concepts is required to fully appreciate the book.
  5. ROSS, Stephen A., et al Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 7th Edition; (McGraw-Hill); 2006; 735 pages
    This college text, written by a trio of top notch university professors, is the place to go to when you need a detailed and authoritative explanation for an introductory concept. The book is exquisitely produced in lavish color and does a great job of making the link between concepts and the real world.
  6. HAZLITT, Henry, Economics in One Lesson, (Three Rivers Press); December, 1988; 224 pages
    Somewhat inaccessible but nevertheless a useful introduction to the history and main concepts of economics.
  7. LANDSBURG, Steven E., The Armchair Economist: Economics and Everyday Life, (The Free Press); 1994; 241 pages
    More accessible than Hazlitt's book.