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Trent Lott: Still Whistling Dixie After All This Time


The Boston Herald, Dec. 13, 2002

"It's not good enough that African-Americans on the whole have poorer schools, less wealth and die earlier, even under what Lott would characterize as the poor leadership that has occurred in the White House without Ol' Sparky Thurmond at the helm. As if Reagan was a beacon of racial hope. Or the Bushes a fountain of racial sobriety. . . . The political knives are out, and more than likely, Lott will resign, a distinguished career now stained with a much-deserved racial asterisk. . . . Not even conservatives are keeping quiet on this one, most trying to 'outrage' each other, but none trying to put any public money behind their public stance of inclusivity and being the Party of Abraham Lincoln - the president who, by the way, did help free the slaves but believed in white supremacy all the same."
"At least Lott has one black supporter. J.C. Watts (R-Okla), the only African-American Republican in Congress, told reporters that 'we should accept his apology, get out of our offices and do some holiday shopping.' "