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Paul Wellstone (1944 - 2002): A True Progressive


The Progressive, Oct. 25, 2002

"His Senatorial career was bookended by opposition to war with Iraq. His first speech in the Senate was against the 1991 Gulf War, and his defiance earned him a famous sobriquet from President George H.W. Bush, who asked: 'Who is that little chickenshit?' Then, earlier this month and at great risk to his political career, Wellstone voted against the current President Bush's authorization of force for another war on Iraq."
"A radical professor at Carleton College in 1969, he early on was 'a believer in grassroots organizing, in grassroots politics,' as he writes in his autobiography. At twenty-five, he was determined to use his academic skills 'to empower people and to step forward with people in justice struggles.' So he studied, and began organizing, the poor people of Rice County, Minnesota. For that, and other political stances, he was fired. But the students rebelled and got him reinstated."