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W. Hew McLeod: Not the Enemy


McLeod left the Christian missions and Christianity over three decades ago before he developed his first-class scholarly reputation in Western and Sikh academic circles. It is time that those who cannot discuss McLeod's ideas in a straightforward fashion quit using the crutch that 'missionaries' are out to destroy Sikhism.

The real danger to Sikhs is misusing information, fighting amongst themselves and using rumours and lies to attack opponents. Let us keep to the facts and have a real intellectual debate instead of attacking personalities, falsehoods about background and agendas, and in general clouding issues with attacks. Anyone who has seriously studied McLeod's work knows that he would not be engaged in this sort of diatribe and debate - those who claim that he is have their own preconceptions and are unable to make points on their own merit. Let us get back to facts and discussion rather than poorly disguised rhetoric.