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Khushwant Singh: A Sensible Human Being


Sikh-Diaspora (Yahoo! Groups), Mar. 17, 2003

"In 1995, I spent my four delightful days in India with Khushwant and his family. I learned much, most importantly, what a sensible and thoughtful human being he is."
"In the interim, in various discussions, he remains one of my favorite scholars and writers. Despite my having written a very arrogant review as an advanced graduate student of his two volume A History of the Sikhs in The Journal of Asian Studies, he let it roll off and wrote a very nice introduction to my first foray into Sikh Studies, The Sikhs and Their Literature."
"One may not agree with everything he says, and he does not expect that, but one should listen carefully. Besides, his many collections of writings, novels, and, of course, the classic, A Train to Pakistan, remain fun and informative reading."