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McAuliffe: Bush Exploiting Patriotism


The Associated Press, Columbus, Ohio, May 19, 2003

"President Bush and his political allies have gone too far in labeling critics of his domestic policies as unpatriotic, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe says. McAuliffe, carrying his message to the Ohio Democratic Party's annual state dinner on Saturday, said the White House 'has shamelessly exploited the heartfelt compassion and patriotism that brought our country together after Sep. 11. As 9/11 and the war in Iraq pushed all domestic news to the back pages of the television broadcasts, this administration has presided over a devastating economic policy, a policy of massive tax cuts for the rich.' "
"Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, one of nine candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, told reporters before his speech to the Ohio dinner: 'I don't think we can beat George Bush by being Bush-light. We need a fiscal conservative and a social progressive and that's who I am.' In his speech, Dean said the cost of the war in Iraq has increased with Americans still in the Middle Eastern country and that homeland security is suffering a funding shortfall as a result. 'I think this country is not safer since the war with Iraq has ended,' Dean said."